Chapare Adventure 3 days 2 nights

We'll visit the guacharos with a guide in a tour that takes from 2 to 3 hours through a path in an intervened forest of Carrasco National Park (PNC), where we'll have the chance to know the natural habitat (caves) of several bat species and the emblematic bird of PNC: the Guácharo (Steatorniscaripensis)

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Chapare Nature 3 days 2 nights

We'll leave for an interesting bird watching viewpoint, where we'll be able to watch one of the most amazing birds of the mountain humid forest: the Andean cock of the rock (rupícola peruviana) that because of its beautiful colors and nuptial behavior, calls everyone's attention. It's possible to watch these birds in the morning and in the afternoon, in a 2 to 3- hour tour, in which you can watch a variety of orchids, ferns and other bird species.

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Jungle Hotel El Puente

Uniting Chapare and Beni whith "El Puente"

More than 20 years ago, full of passion for the different trips, we built this intimate refuge in one of the most beautiful and greatly diverse regions of the planet. Our initial purpose was to go in search of the Flotel Reina de Enin starting from here, in the heights of Chapare, and then descend and reach it in the Plains of Mojos in Beni.

In October 2011, we inaugurated the only canopy of Chapare, more than 300 meters long, installed in the own rainforest of the hotel. It is an option to go through the jungle in an exciting way with the levels of adrenaline that you decide and that only our Hotel El Puente can offer you. Children from the age of 10 who come with their parents have surprised us for enjoying one of its stretches, specially designed for a family experience.