Jungle Hotel El Puente

Uniting Chapare and Beni whith "El Puente"

More than 20 years ago, full of passion for the different trips, we built this intimate refuge in one of the most beautiful and greatly diverse regions of the planet. Our initial purpose was to go in search of the Flotel Reina de Enin starting from here, in the heights of Chapare, and then descend and reach it in the Plains of Mojos in Beni.

In October 2011, we inaugurated the only canopy of Chapare, more than 300 meters long, installed in the own rainforest of the hotel. It is an option to go through the jungle in an exciting way with the levels of adrenaline that you decide and that only our Hotel El Puente can offer you. Children from the age of 10 who come with their parents have surprised us for enjoying one of its stretches, specially designed for a family experience.

In this unique place, where the Andes end and the Amazonia is born, a "puente (bridge)" of a pleasant night stay for a longer trip was necessary. We said that this would be "el puente (the bridge)" between Chapare and Beni, between this small refuge and the Flotel Reina de Enin. That's where the name comes from, from dreaming daring trips across unknown region...

El Puente with Carrasco National Park, Ideal site for ornithologists

From its almost 20 hectares of preserved forest, the Morfo butterflies and the cantarines oropendola or tojos that are plentiful in our small Hotel El Puente, are in charge of inviting you to enter in this motley rainforest area.

El Puente Hotel, at 450 meters of altitude, is located in the amazon humid forests located in the last foothills of the Andes, just where the soft amazon plain that extends to the Atlantic is born. It is neighbor of the great complex of biodiversity of the Natural Parks Amboró and Carrasco, being in one of the best places to observe birds, according to the experts and most demanding fans of the topic.

Adventure in Chapare

You can begin, for example, with the canopy in the own land of the Hotel, or by descending in rappel through one of its ravines saturated of mosses and epiphytes, and combining this with an exciting rafting in the Espiritu Santo river at a few kilometers away from the Hotel. Or by taking a swim in the crystalline waters of the stream of the Hotel, you can organize a half-day tour into the near Caverns of the Repechón of Carrasco National Park where you will know the Guácharos or "blind birds" (Steatornis caripensis) or you can come closer to Machía Park and have contact with wild animals, recovered from urban cages, that a group of Inti Wara Yasi volunteers determines to restore into their natural habitat.

These half-day trips can be alternated with short tours through the own paths of the hotel or with some minutes of a relaxing reading in the hammock hall, while you wait for dinner, prepared with fresh fish and local fine herbs.

Relax in Chapare

We should tell you that the frequent guest groups of the hotel assure that this is the place where you can get the best sleep, thanks to a combination of temperature, humidity, silence and green. Waking up with the peculiar and musical song of the oropendola is the nonpareil epilogue of a well rested night.

This wild panorama offers a central house with a relaxing hammock hall (also hall of events), a tropical bar and restaurant, 4 cabins that contemplate 14 rooms (with private bathroom, hot water and fans), pool for adults and children, 14 beautiful ponds (or natural pools), an incredible canopy circuit that goes through the jungle and the sky of the hotel and it also contemplates: rappel of 20 meters, bridge cable and pendulum… this wild panorama that the Jungle Hotel El Puente presents is waiting for your visit.