Jungle Treks

Carrasco National Park

Carrasco National Park is a protected area with natural marvels and high biodiversity, reason why it is part of the Corridor of Conservation Vilcabamba-Amboró (Bolivia-Peru), it has mighty rivers that end into the Amazon and it presents eco tourist routes of great landscape beauty that constitute an invitation to nature and adventure lovers.

KawsayWasi is a community company formed among the villagers of the Park, it has the participation of 15 partners that operate as certified naturalist guides giving services of environmental interpretation in the attractions of Carrasco National Park as the local young people's contribution to the environment conservation. Hand in hand with these guides, the unmissable tours to the Park vary from the tour to the Wild Life Sanctuary of the Repechón Caverns, where you visit the caverns that are the habitat of the strange and noisy blind birds or guácharo (Steatorniscaripensis) and others in which a great quantity of bats prevails. It is possible to make specialized orchid tours (more than 200 species), night tours of insect and frog observation, such as approaching to the community of El Palmar to exchange with the community people about their coca leaf fields and their way of life and their relationship with the Park. For the "birdwatchers", the "cock of the rocks" or tunqui in Quechua (Rupicola peruviana) is a delight, one of the most incredible birds in the world. The male is conceited and has beautiful plumage and its only objective in life is singing and dancing to attract the female, to mate and leave it. The female tunqui, on the other hand, counts with a not very showy and opaque plumage; however it is the one that chooses with which male to mate and be fecundated. It is simple, shy and responsible. It will be in charge of the whole work of incubating the eggs, raising and training its chicks.