Port San Francisco

San Francisco, is the nearest amazon port to Villa Tunari at a distance of 35 km. It has an altitude of 200 m.a.s.l. with an average annual temperature of 36o centigrade (97o Fahrenheit) and with a pluvial precipitation of up to 4000 mm.

The port is inhabited by the amazon ethnic group Yuracaré, most fishermen and navigators. The tourism is not the base of the this region's activity, but eventually, especially the last years, it has been generating services due to the demand of fishing and sailing tourism that constitute the main axes of the local trade and the main tourist attraction, but they have also generated different offers of activities: the boat sailing, fishing, swims in the river, the region's fauna and flora observation, day and night ecological tours (walks). In the tours (walks and sailing) different types of animals can be observed: monkeys, reptiles, birds, capibaras.

It is an alternative and interesting place to know in Villa Tunari. San Francisco Port is accessible every day and it has advantages such as public transportation, telephone, restaurants and boat renting for sailing. The necessary things to make your visit comfortable.