Rafting in the Espíritu Santo river

To start this amusing journey in the Espiritu Santo river, we should arrive to Jatunpampa 20 km away from Villa Tunari.

The first step is to put on the appropriate gear and follow the guide's instructions and explanations to understand and learn the necessary techniques that will take you to enjoy one of the most exciting adventure activities in Chapare: rafting in the Espiritu Santo river, an activity for all ages. The adventure lasts around 3 hours and when concluding we will be able to swim freely in the river accompanied by exuberant vegetation.

For the public's knowledge, the company Bolivia Rafting, with which the Jungle Hotel El Puente works, operates with guides that work in this field since the year 2001. The guides and the whole personnel have the necessary experience to offer an amusing, responsible, reliable and overall safe service.